Breast Consultation Six measurements

We had a new employee start with us recently and this question was asked which I thought was good and we can share with the rest of the world interested in Breast Augmentation:

What are the six measurement taken during breast consultation? And what impact do they have on choosing implant size and placement?


Breast Consultation Measurements which I record:

The six measurements taken when people come in for augmentation consultation consist of the following:

Sternal notch to nipple distance (2)

Sternal notch to inframammary fold (2)

Base width of the breasts (2).

These measurements help me decide which implants are best for the patients, both in size as well as style. I generally let the patients choose the volume of the implants, and I use the measurements to ensure that we pick the proper style or profile for them, so that the implants are not too big or too small for the patient.

I hope this makes sense. Good question!